Aidan's Headshot
Aidan's Headshot

My name is Aidan (eye-den) - Gaelic name with a German pronunciation. Thanks, mom! I am: married to an amazing woman; a father of 3 boys; a serial founding engineer; an avid dreamer and tinkerer.

Challenging problems excite me, and with over a decade of experience in Software Engineering Leadership, I’ve tackled them from many angles: rapid prototyping, architecting and delivering go-to-market products, building high quality engineering teams, and managing engineering operations and security. I'm both highly creative and highly analytical. It makes me a natural problem solver - asking the right questions, discovering the core problems, dreaming up innovative solutions, analyzing them to find the best one, and deploying products on time and on budget. When surrounded by other intelligent and ambitious people, I come alive and turn good ideas into great products and experiences.

My most valuable skill is my ability to lead and coordinate teams of highly intelligent people to solve difficult problems and produce great work. I accomplish this with excellent technical documentation which concisely describes what needs to happen, why it needs to happen, and when it needs to happen.

Choose love. Create joy. Inspire childlike wonder.